The Dharma of Pose

"The category is… Freedom." —Lama Rod Owens

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Bird of paradise flowers with kiwi vine and pink peonies, arranged in a Japanese Zen kado style by Mari Rose Taruc.

“She doesn’t get to dictate my reality. I do.” —Candy
(Played by Ms. Angelica Ross)


A ground-breaking, award-winning, luscious, lustrous, deep historical fiction TV series, starring BIPOC trans and queer leads (the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles — ever on network TV), exploring NYC’s underground ball culture during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s and ’90s.

Here you'll find all video recordings and transcripts of our June 2021 event, and get a taste of the intergenerational, multicultural, healing hybrid vibes of Buddhist Peace Fellowship. You'll see what happens when we bring community together to be unapologetically ourselves — led by queer and trans Black folks and People of Color, embodied, caring, and compassionate. Unafraid to laugh, cry, and dance. Unafraid of our own insecurities or occasional petty feelings. And also unafraid to forgive, release, and transform into freedom.

  • Opening Dharma Talk with Lama Rod Owens — don't miss the cute Q&A discussion on which Pose characters represent the Five Buddha Families! Aaaah!
  • Self-Compassion Meditation with Fresh Lev White — I'm not crying, you're crying!
  • What Is Trans Freedom? with Fresh Lev White, La Sarmiento, and Drï Juarez — pro-compassion, pro-community, pro-sex worker, decolonial. Embracing ourselves whether or not we happen to fit in, and knowing our wisdom experiences as worthy.
  • Music & Movement with Adaku Utah — this playlist, tho! Ancestors and Transcestors dancing with us.
  • Buddhism & Belonging Among Asian Americans with Chenxing Han, Kazi Adi Shakti, An Tran, and Chika Okoye (Moderator) — sheer brilliance on the search for buddhisms that adapt, respond, defy fake dualisms of Western categorization. Promoting hybridity in ways that bring us together.
  • Radical Conversation: Talking Queer Abolition, Love Solidarity, and Liberated Dreams with Lama Rod Owens and Jasmine Syedullah — what spiritual, inner freedom work do we need to do to really support abolition? Watch this sweet lovefest between two profound, politicized dharma leaders and longtime friends.

Flower arrangement, top, by Mari Rose Taruc, for Buddhist Peace Fellowship and Dharma of Pose.

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An All-Star Cast!

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